How marbleous are you?  Test your knowledge of the first six months of content (January 1 through June 30) from the 2018 edition of Marketing FAME by taking this QUIZ: Marketing-FAME-practice-questions-January-thru-June-2018-edition  Or, test your command of the last six months of content (July 1 through December 31) by taking this QUIZ:  Marketing-FAME-practice-questions-July-thru-December-2018-edition  These quizzes each consist of 24 multiple choice questions that stem from the first and last six months of content in the 2018 edition.  The first few pages include the questions WITHOUT the correct answers indicated, followed by the same set of questions WITH the answers indicated.  So, you can test yourself and then check to see if your answers are correct.

Extra challenge… If you want more of a challenge, take the quizzes without referring to the super-detailed index.  If you want an even bigger challenge, don’t refer to the book at all while taking the quizzes.

Stay tuned… additional quizzes, exercises and assignments will be posted soon.

Instructors… Let us know (via a verifiable email address from your school) if you’d like electronic copies of tests and test questions you can use to quiz your students (PDF or Word doc files).  If you create your own Marketing FAME tests, exercises or assignments and would be willing to share those with other instructors, please send them to us and we’ll make them available (and give you the credit!).