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Using and referencing Marketing FAME

Remember that the content is copyrighted, so don’t reproduce it or republish large chunks of it.  But it’s certainly okay to summarize or briefly quote some of the content in a term paper, blog, report or other manuscript.

If you do summarize or quote the material, please cite Marketing FAME as the original source.  Using the AMA referencing style (similar to APA) the citation for the book, in general, would look something like this for the 2019 edition:

Martin, Charles L. (2019), Marketing For All the Marbles Every day.  Derby, KS: CIBER Publications.

If you quote from or refer to a specific story, it is customary to include the specific page number too.  In the case of Marketing FAME, the dates on which the stories appear serve as the page numbers.  So, if you talk about the John Deere story which is discussed on the February-7 page in the 2017 edition, the citation would look like this:

Martin, Charles L. (2017), Marketing For All the Marbles Every day.  Derby, KS: CIBER Publications, p. February 7.

Of course, your instructors may want you to cite this and other sources in a different way, so it’s a good idea to follow their directions.

Citation tip your instructors will appreciate:  When quoting Marketing FAME or any other source directly (i.e., using exactly the same words as they appear in the source), always bracket the quotation with quotation marks.

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