Ordering information & Examination copies


Ninety-eight percent of the content in the 2018 edition is new material! 


2018 Edition

Both paperback ($29.95 retail) and hardback ($32.95) versions of the 432-page 2018 edition of Marketing For All the Marbles Every day (Marketing FAME) are currently available (Hardback ISBN: 978-0-9981227-2-4;  Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9981227-3-1).

Paperbacks are available through Amazon.com   Click on the following link (or cut and paste, if necessary) to take you to the Amazon.com page for the 2018 edition of Marketing FAME:


Single copies… may be purchased through CIBER Publications (although we recommend ordering single copies through amazon.com) for $29.95 [paperback] and $32.95 [hardback], plus $5.00 shipping and handling.  Send check or money order to:  CIBER Publications, P.O. Box 571, Derby, KS 67037.  Please specify the edition (2018) and clearly indicate the shipping address where you would like the book shipped.

Bulk orders… Contact CIBER Publications (see the “Contact” page) for information regarding availability of both hardback and paperback copies, shipping, and current prices — including substantial quantity discounts for as few as four paperbacks and/or hardbacks.

Used copies… For even larger quantity discounts, ask us about the availability of used copies of the 2018 edition.  Many are still in excellent “like new” condition.

Free examination copies… of the 2018 edition are now available (while supplies last) for instructors and doctoral students in the U.S.   So, if you’re an instructor or a doctoral student in marketing or a closely-related field (including high school business education teachers), feel free to request one through the “Contact” page and remind your colleagues to do so as well.  If you’re an instructor or doctoral student outside of the U.S., please be patient, as we expect to have examination copies available for you soon.

Student clubs and organizations … are encouraged to contact us regarding pricing and other information pertaining to Marketing FAME and other FAME “calendars with content” that may be used in fundraisers.

Multiple condensed versions of Marketing FAME are in the works, plus additional FAME “calendars with content” at affordable price points to appeal to a variety of audiences, e.g., Inspiration FAME, Business FAME, Entrepreneurship FAME, and others.  Further, we may be able to customize a FAME edition for your group, college or university.  Use the “Contact” page to ask for more details.

Bookstores, wholesalers and other intermediaries with questions or an interest in carrying Marketing FAME may contact us through this website (see “Contact” page) or at our world headquarters’ snail mail address:  CIBER Publications, P.O. Box 571, Derby, KS 67037  USA.


2017 Edition

2017 edition… Fortunately, a few copies of the 416-page 2017 edition of Marketing For All the Marbles Every day (Marketing FAME) are still available through Amazon.com and other online retailers (Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9981227-1-7;  Hardback ISBN: 978-0-9981227-0-0).  Contact CIBER Publications regarding quantity discounts for new copies and even bigger quantity discounts for used copies, while supplies last.



“Sure, it’s not 2017 any longer, but who knows what the future may bring.” — what Homer Simpson might have said