News & Updates: Awards, Fundraising opportunities, Upcoming school visits, and more


Recent Marketing FAME awards   

We’re thrilled to report that in February 2018 the Calendar Marketing Association  selected the 2018 edition of Marketing FAME as the year’s Most Informative Retail Planner published in the U.S.  The “Most Informative” designation reinforces our commitment to student-friendly quality content, and “speaks volumes” according to Dr. Anand Desai, Dean of the W. Frank Barton School of Business at Wichita State University.  Thank you CMA!


Fundraising opportunities

Contact us if your student club or organization might be interested in selling copies of Marketing FAME or other FAME “calendars with content” — to gain valuable business experience, promote the club/organization, and raise needed money to fund the organization’s travel or other activities.

Multiple condensed versions of Marketing FAME are in the works, plus additional FAME “calendars with content” at affordable price points to appeal to a variety of audiences, e.g., Inspiration FAME, Business FAME, Entrepreneurship FAME, and others.  Further, we may be able to customize a FAME edition for your group.

Everyone needs a calendar or daily planner to stay organized, so why not seize the marbleous fundraising opportunity for your student club or organization to provide them!


Upcoming campus visits 

If you’re located in Texas, Oklahoma, Indiana or Ohio, a member of the FAME team — including Dr. Martin himself — may be stopping by your campus in the next few weeks to say “hello,” answer your questions and make sure you have a copy of the latest edition of Marketing FAME.

If you’re an instructor and would like for Dr. Martin to speak to your class about Calendar-Led Marketing and Buyer Behavior, or more generally about Calendar-Led Planning, let us know and we’ll try to arrange it.  If you’re a student and would like for Dr. Martin to speak at your school or to your student club/organization, tell your instructors about the marbleous opportunity and ask them to contact us.

If you’re not located in any of the states mentioned above but are still interested in hearing one of Dr. Martin’s presentations, let us know and we’ll see when we might be able to arrange a visit.


The 2019 Edition will be available soon!

The 2019 edition will be available very soon.  The FAME team has taken into consideration the feedback we’ve received from instructors and students and have made a few revisions that we think you’ll like.   Like the 2017 and 2018 editions, the 2019 edition is still intended to be an ancillary reader for use in Introductory or “Principles” marketing courses, in capstone Marketing Management/Strategy courses, or “across the marketing curriculum.”  About 95 percent of the new 2019 edition’s content is new — so students will not experience any unnecessary reading redundancy as they move from 2018 to 2019.

Like previous editions, the 2019 edition includes dozens of debatable assertions by business leaders and other people to which students are challenged to “Agree or Disagree?”   To further encourage critical thinking and stimulate classroom discussion, numerous discussion questions accompany many other stories throughout the year.


Thank you!

We appreciate the students and instructors who have provided feedback regarding both the 2017 and 2018 editions.  Several suggestions have been incorporated in the forthcoming 2019 edition and you’ll see the series continue to evolve in future editions.  Always feel free to contact us through the “Contact” page on this website, or email Dr. Martin directly at Wichita State University (, or talk to us at upcoming conferences.  Tell us what you like and don’t like about Marketing FAME, how we can improve future editions (including suggestions for new stories), and how we can help you extract more value from this annual book series.